Cupid and Psyche


Project Team

Regine May – University of Leeds, research profile

picture of Regine May in the Brotherton Library

Dr Regine May








Stephen Harrison  – Corpus Christi College, Oxford University, research profile

picture of Stephen Harrison in Corpus Christi College

Professor Stephen Harrison









Conference Team

Conference Administrator – Eleanor OKell

picture of Eleanor OKell in the Brotherton Library

Dr Eleanor OKell

Conference Interns – Anthi Chrysanthou and Maria Haley





Light Night Team

Director/Producer – Eleanor OKell


Apuleius – Leonardo Costantini

Psyche’s sisters – Regine May, Amrita May-Singh, tbc

Psyche – Anthi Chrysanthou

Cupid – tbc

Charon – Bob Buxton

Aeacus/Cerberus – Anzir Boodoo

Venus – Bev Back

Back-stage Crew and Front of House


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